Important Message to ArkanPaws Clients

As you probably know, we ask that our clients let us know when they've returned from their trip so we know their pets are back in their care. As we've grown, it's become more difficult to ensure we're aware that each client has returned, and often clients forget to notify us.

I hate the thought that a client might be in an accident or be otherwise unexpectedly detained and not get home when they planned to. If they forgot, or were unable, to notify us, their pets could suffer seriously for lack of care. For this reason, we urge all clients to consider subscribing to our service, My Pet Monitor.

It's a simple service that allows any pet owner to designate a pet caretaker who would be notified in the event the pet parents didn't make it home to their pets. The caretaker would be notified to check on the pets and provide care. We care about the pets you entrust to us, and we don't want to think about any of them suffering as a result of an accident or unforeseen circumstance.

To learn more, click the image to the right and read about the service. Feel free to refer your pet loving friends to the site as well. The service can be used nationwide.

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