ArkanPaws Pet Sitting Rates

What does it cost to have a pet sitter come to my home to care for my pets? Depending on the number and length of the visits you need, caring for your pet at home can be a very affordable option.

If you have only one pet, it's likely that you can board for less than it costs to have a sitter, at least if you have a dog. Cats typically require fewer sits than dogs, especially if the dog stays indoors and has no access to outdoors for potty breaks until the sitter arrives. You will probably find our services cost less than boarding multiple pets.

The bottom line is, our clients are concerned with the welfare and happiness of their pets. They want to know their pets are being cared for with as little disruption of their routine as possible. That's what we offer.

Length of visits are approximate and may vary by a few minutes one way or the other.

We don't charge per pet but based on the length of the sit. If the number of pets at a household require a longer stay than requested then an extra fee will be charged.

Rates as of 9/1/2012

  • 30 minute sit - $20
  • 45 minute sit - $22
  • one hour sit - $25
  • Overnight stay - $55

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